Can you reduce your taxes due to the Coös County Job Creation Tax Credit?

The Coos County Job Creation Tax Credit was created in 2008 and provides a credit against New Hampshire business taxes for every full-time, year-round employee that was hired during the year. To qualify for the credit, each new employee must receive wages paid, including amounts paid for medical and dental benefits, equal to or greater […]

Are there any tax breaks for summer camp for my kids?

The child and dependent care credit is designed to assist working parents and guardians with some of the expenses involved in raising a child or caring for a disabled dependent. The credit, which varies depending on the taxpayer’s earned income, is based on the expenses paid to provide child or dependent care services so that […]

Energy Efficient Tax Credits

The fiscal cliff bill also known as the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extended certain tax credits for energy efficient purchases made in 2012 and 2013.  Due to this late change by Congress the IRS is currently updating their Form 5695 and e-file computer systems. They recently announced they do not anticipate being able […]

Individual request for tax filing extension

Often times I hear individuals and media broadcast that the tax filing deadline is April 15th. While this is not wrong the better phrase would be tax payment deadline. The Internal Revenue Service has an initial deadline of April 15th to file your federal tax return, but allows individuals to request an automatic six month […]